7 days to die server.

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  1. Greeetings, Thanks for all the support and ideas while I learn and continue to do my part for this community.

    Here is the attached link to view the server map at any time! Enjoy
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  2. UPDATE to server: A different mod was brought to my attention. A mod that I think we can have a longer lasting appeal. Here is a link to "War of the Walkers" mod.


    Download: A16 BBM Mod Github (Client/SP Local) Download:
    Delete the following sub-folders in your 7 days to die folder: Data/Mods/7DaysToDie_Data.
    Verify the integrity of your game through steam "Grab me on discord if you are confused".
    Unzip the new WotW mod and place both the modded DATA folders and MODS folder in your main 7 days to die game folder.
    When asked if you would like to overwrite, etc. the answer is YES.
    That is all there is too it.

    Now the bad news. The creators of the mod are currently testing out the 5.2 version. After talking to them they will release it to the public this Saturday, which means you will have to re-do this whole process when the new mod comes out. I will post a link up when the new mod is out.
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  3. Update: the server is active and very healthy! Should be no reason to do any wipes for the foseable future. Make sure when you run 7 days to die that you run it with EAC off. Otherwise the game will show you a black screen with no graphics. Special thanks to Web and Raezar for helping get the server going during my off time.
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  4. War of the Walkers mod version 5.2.1 was just dropped. This will require you to update your mod files to the most recent. Here are the patch notes.

    Change Log:
    -Fixed Items Upgrading when not supposed too
    -Fixed Safe Picks not working
    -Updated Bird Nest Tree Localization showing Crafting Location
    -Changed Lockers have better chance for Clothing
    -Updated Horde Night Numbers (Increase)
    -Added Sphereii’s UMA Zombie Code Fixes (New dll File for BBM Client)
    -Changed All UMA Zombies to Zombie Type for New Code to work (Better Performance due to memory leak fixes)
    -Added Lighted Version of BGG Hat
    -Added Pig as a optional Kill for the That’ll Do Pig Challenge
    -Overhauled Wandering Hordes (Now More Unique and have different type of zombies)
    -Changed Corn can now be equipped and left click on the rabbit trap to bait it
    -Fixed Workbench Localization
    -Updated All Class Only Perks to reflect them being Class Only
    -Updated Localization for Scrap Iron and Rebar Frames to show crafting location and class only item
    -Changed HD Wrench now crafted at Advanced Tool Workbench
    -Fixed Admin Wrench Spawning in Loot
    -Updated Sly Ship Prefab now with less loot (Credit to Slycobro)
    -Changed Wall Torches back to Vanilla
    -Added Zombie Bear to Don’t Feed The Bears Challenge Quest
    -Fixed Wrench being able to upgrade with Corn
    -Changed Chocolate Perk to Health/Fitness Category
    -Changed Increased Magazine Sell/Buy Price
    -Fixed Dwalls Bookstore Prefab Beam Loot Crates (Requires new game to take effect but current loot crate it spawns now will not have any Joe Loot...Sorry, I mean Loot.)
    -Fixed Tungsten Armor Spawning in Loot
    -Fixed Compound Bow doesn’t use Tungsten Arrows
    -Changed Nerfed Bandits (They were pissing me off)
    -Added Survivalist Class Fragments spawn chance to Lab Equipment Loot Crate
    -Fixed Diamond Tipped Fireaxe Schematic Linking to HD Wrench
    -Changed Iron Armor Protection Class Perk now a 1 Level Perk
    -Changed Steel Armor Protection Class Perk now a 1 Level Perk
    -Changed Tungsten Armor Protection Class Perk now a 1 Level Perk
    -Fixed Chainsaw and Auger Parts Crafting Location Localization
    -Added New Hanging Moss (Moss) Custom Icon
    -Fixed Herbal Antibiotics Doctor Quest Requirements
    -FIxed Blueberry Pie Crafting Quest Requirements
    -Added Other Snow Zombies as optional objectives for I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay Challenge Quest
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  5. Havnt posted in a while but the 7 days server is doing awesome! We have 1 member "Linkshinter" Constantly playing and 5 non-members each night. I know the numbers arent throught the roof but the fact that 5 Non-members have stayed on our server is pretty cool!
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  6. What can I say, I haven't finished my tower yet.
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