Battlefield 1: Operations Campaign Update

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  1. Attention Battlefield Platoon!

    EA and DICE have released another update for Battlefield 1 this week. The update is approximately 2GB for those who haven't already downloaded it. The update brought some significant changes to game. It introduced Operations Campaigns, which is a select set of certain Operations that one must play in order to unlock a reward. Additionally, the They Shall Not Pass DLC Map, Nivelle Nights, is now free for everyone. Below are the full patch notes.



    Battlefield 1 is now compatible with Dolby’s High Dynamic Range standard. With a compatible graphics card and TV, you can enjoy Battlefield 1 mastered for Dolby Vision HDR colors and brightness.

    • RSP administrators can now restart the current running level on their server, which will fully reload the level and reset destruction.
    • RSP administrators can now select another level to load when choosing to restart the match.
    • RSP administrators can now add up to 32 maps in a rotation.
    • Players are now able to track all five active Medals at the same time.
    • New weapon skins coming to a Battlepack near you!
    • Fixed an issue that caused in-game player icons to become transparent.
    • Fixed an issue where some players found themselves stuck on the globe screen.
    • Possible fix for an issue where players occasionally experienced a red tint when taking damage, regardless of health status.
    • Removed the HUD of a multiplayer feature, Specializations, from appearing in single player and hardcore experiences.
    • Fixed an issue where the supply drop icon would render multiple times on the Table Top view, in Spectator mode.
    • Improved the Gamepad Control Schemes options screen, to display when there are more than two actions mapped to a single button.
    • Fixed an issue where weapons and gadgets would sometimes show older icons when button mappings/key bindings were changed.
    • Fixed key binding issue when using the 305/52 O Coastal Gun.
    • Removed duplicate AT Grenade icon from Elite Class Weapons & Gadgets.
    • Addressed an issue with a missing ammo counter while on a horse.
    • Fixed an alignment issue in the netgraph UI.
    • If resupplied, the Scout class now has the ability to place a second tripwire of each type (i.e. gas, incendiary, bomb HE), without cancelling the first.
    • Fixed an issue where throwing certain gadgets onto vehicles could result in uncharacteristically large impact sounds.
    • Added the Mosin Nagant M91 as the standard issue rifle for the Russian and Bolshevik factions in custom games.
    • Fixed an issue where auto-reload would sometimes add an extra bullet in the chamber on some weapons.
    • Adjusted the brightness of smoke and muzzle flashes on semi-auto rifles.
    • Fixed an issue that was prohibiting grenades from being replenished with an ammo pouch/crate.
    • Fixed an issue where some players could activate the speed boost in air planes without unlocking the ability first.
    • Fixed issue with supply drops landing on Galicia bridge negatively affecting players.
    • Adjusted the Red Tide Operation layout in Volga River, providing more options of approach for attackers.
    • Improved Conquest layout, spawns, and capture zones on Brusilov Keep for better balance.
    • Removed Elite pickups from Team Deathmatch in Argonne Forest.
    • Fixed an issue where players experienced the inability to unmount the FK.96 Field Gun in Argonne Forest.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Mother’s voice to cutoff while transitioning to 2nd map in the Red Tide Operation.
    • Improved an issue where the globe would sometimes display when transitioning between maps in an Operation.
    • When deploying on a squadmate and the squadmate dies while the camera is transitioning, the deploy will now be cancelled and player will return to deploy screen.
    • When deploying directly into gas the gasmask will now automatically activate.
    • When deploying directly into the air the parachute will now automatically activate.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where players could become invisible.
    • Reduced the camera shake when taking damage.
    • Addressed an issue that caused servers to reset when playing Operations, resulting in players returning to the frontend with a “Server is under maintenance” message.
    • Fixed an issue that prohibited players from spawning with various weapons and vehicles in pre-round.
    • Fixed an issue where a Squad Leader promotion count down occurred during the end of round screens.
    • Fixed an issue that reset Vsync refresh rates to the desktop refresh rate.
  2. This might be to little, to late.. Classic EA..
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  3. tried to get in on the new operation setup today. Just me and one other dude sitting in an empty server :(