BF4 Server is up again!

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Since some of you have been asking for it i have set up a BF4 server. The server has procon running including VoteMap, Admin abilities (punish, forgive, kick ban etc) and is running an 11 map rotation with all maps on the votemap.

    Server Name: Nameless BF4 [Hardcore][VoteMap]

    I couldnt come up with a name so its nameless.

    IF YOU WANT TO BE WHITELISTED OR AN ADMIN POST IN THIS THREAD. I dont have access to the old database of admins nor whitelists so i cant help you there.

    Any questions or concerns or suggestions let me know in this thread. The server will run for 2 months initially, if there is sufficient interest i will keep it going. Do note this is out of MY pocket so there is no charge to rTr. Should the server take off we will work on folding it into rTr.


    Finding the Server through battlelog:

    Through in-game search:

    Make sure to unselect Spectator for now.
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  2. This is a post.

    Edit: in-game name holtmanium
  3. o/ Gunther_Weiss signing on! It's been far too long since I've had a chance to game with you guys; looking forward to it!
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  4. DigitalHominid Signing In!
  5. II-Ironhorse-II
  6. Added up to here, all rtr members, punish admin and full admin
  7. Red_River_1 Couldn't find the server.... :(
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  8. I could not either.......
  9. The Glory of Bf4 Server by Solidflip
    am in :p
  10. Can you post how to seed the server?