COD WW2 multiplayer

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by ubergeek318, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. What are you guys thinking, I am on the fence on this one

  2. Looks exactly the same as all the others. Just a new map pack. Unfortunate. Im good.
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  3. I think you're right. damage markers look similar, award badges similar, sounds the same except different weapons, and movement seems the same with large bunny hops, minimal pistol recoil, annoying announcer talking too much? doesn't look exciting, it's a shame.
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  4. And the fact that that last couple COD's have done terrible on PC with tiny population that dies off fast... At the very least this is a wait and see.
  5. Gameranx - Peak into the game..

  6. I'm more excited for the insurgency. Can't wait.
  7. Same old COD...... o_O