Conan Exiles on the FOTM server

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  1. So our flavor of the month server seems to be just that...

    Minecraft is out on the server and in is...

    It is a PVE Only for now, but with talk may turn into a PVE-C just in case you wanna hit Solid in the face with a sword.
    10X Harvest
    5X XP
    5 mods as of now, but can be discussed and changed later if need be.

    Conan Coords Mod
    Less Building Placement Restrictions Overlaps Edition
    Level 75
    Shaved and Oiled (Operationurmom picked)

    =rTr= 10xH 5xXP
    Direct Connect:
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  2. YESSSS!!!!!! No more hairy bush, Thank you Rae and Accord for setting this up. Now we can play catch the greased up deaf guy in server.
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  3. As an added note. Mods need to be enable clientside as well, and they need to be loaded in alphabetical order or you will get a refused connection from the server.
  4. Level 75 mod has been removed. Please make sure that you disable it on your client.
  5. Level 75 mod has been updated to fix the experience bug, so I added it back into the mod pack.