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  1. I recently purchased a DJI Spark as a starter drone to see if it's something that I would like to get into. I figure it's something I could resell should I ultimately not like it but it's good quality etc...

    Curious if anyone else ever messes with this stuff and what kind of video editing software you might use that might be beneficial for me.


    That's the guy I got, economy model of theirs but still very nice from what forums/sites are saying.
  2. got a good friend who will talk drones at me non-stop. he's a bit addicted. cool & useful hobby tho for sure

    i've been using DaVinci Resolve. the freeware version lacks a few effects, but all the tools remain full-function & it can do quite a bit of everything. their color correction is industry-leading apparently ...there's soooo much it can do that i still haven't even messed with, and now the latest update added graphic animation effects. i know everyone suggests Adobe or Vegas, but people gripe about em being shitty & the devs never fixing bugs. the frustration of people doing tutorials on Adobe/Vegas ironically is the reason i looked for somethin else. if a pro can't make em run smooth w/o issues, then i'm fucked.
  3. I picked up Resolve - it looks cool. I'm doing the youtube tutorial thing to figure out how to use it, but it seems easy enough, aside from the overwhelming amount of things that are possible with it

    Thanks for the suggestion
  4. I like to fly my Vortex 285. Mostly FPV more than cinematography.
  5. I ended up picking up Divinci Resolve. Made a quick video with it to try it out and it's pretty easy. Looks like there's a bunch of settings/abilities that I will have to learn.

    What's the flight time on a battery on that drone? Since I've messed with my spark, my only real complaint is the flight time per battery. I get something like 12 to 15 minutes per battery which I'm told isn't horrible.