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  1. Extremely livid right now!

    My Origin account got hacked by some italian cocksuck and trying to get everything restored.

    My friends list has been wiped out so until I'm able to restore my facename, it'll stay empty till then.
  2. Update:

    Recovered my account BUT the little prick wiped out my friends list. So resend those friend invites!
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  3. same thing happened to me by a Russian Cock Sucker !
  4. Got my Origin account hacked by some dickless fuck in the Russian Federation last month. Glad to see you got everything back!
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  5. Origin must be getting targeted. I lost my account about a month ago and had to fight to get it back. This guy was Russian but had an address in South America. I have his email address in case anyone wants to send him rude emails on my behalf.
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  6. What I did was set up my security options to send me a text with a 6 digit password to login to my account as a form of authentication. I'd suggest you guys do the same!
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  7. Two factor authentication is definitely a must. Set my account up with it as soon as I recovered it from that dirty Russian cocksucker.
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  8. this is what I did and it seems to work...I got six different numbers to use for later.......I want the Hackers home address so I can send them a big box of Dog Shit ! lol
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  9. did you stop using simple passwords like L0rdP4ntyd0per
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  10. Well DUH!