How to build a phone.

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  1. Pretty damn interesting, even if its an iPhone.
  2. This guy is absolutely insane. I watched the whole thing, very interesting.
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  3. Kind of a cool video... but this guy has more money than he knows what to do with..
  4. This is what came to mind

  5. Nice add Vanity. Interesting how large that market was. I wish he listed what his total parts cost in US dollars, just for comparison purposes.
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  6. People said around $200
  7. That's almost right on the dot. I've been building iPhone from the ground up since the 3rd Generations kicked off. I can build an iPhone 7 for around $250-$300 consisting of refurb and recycled parts, and some after-market parts. Then turn around and sell it as a Seller Refurbished phone for $450 - $600, depending on the customer. I purchase pre-owned boards because chipping and reworking a new logic board is too time consuming and a royal pain in the ass. and I got fat ass fingers. Most of the parts I get are from Shenzhen as far as the iPhones go. I also do Galaxies and HTC's.
  8. dumb question. How do I register the IMEI so I can carrier unlock it after I make it? Going from a POC mind frame. Is it kinda like hardwired in like how our super special numbers in our mobo are?
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  9. The IMEI is already assigned by the board manufacturer where it is made. If it's a locked phone (network locked to a specific carrier), it is was almost definitely preowned and is a refurb. You can also rewrite the IMEI's if they're bad. As far as coming up with an unlocked IMEI on your own, I couldn't tell you how to do that. But, in most cases, to register an IMEI that is unlocked, is done the minute the device connects to the network via the chosen carrier's sim card is inserted. I know I didnt explain that right, so here are a few reads below:
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