How to EASILY crouch jump through windows, on to objects, etc

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  1. Here is a detailed video showing the benefits of crouch jumping.

    Now... to make it even easier:

    You can literally change the bind for crouching to include both C and space. This makes it so every one of your jumps is a crouch jump. It makes everything effortless and crouch jump is 100% with it. Regular crouch still works just fine. Only thing it may mess up is jump punching.

    Open the file located at:
    C:\Users\"login name"\appdata\local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini


    "(ActionName="ToggleCrouch",Keys=((Key=C), (Key=SpaceBar)))"

    That's it! Enjoy sneaking through windows to kill people!
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  2. I did this, and I can confirm how easy it is to jump through windows and over stuff.
  3. wow thanks for the info :D will be doing when i get home today!
  4. Can't find where to put it (giggity)
  5. it is under C:\Users\"login name"\appdata\local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini

    however you can't see the appdata folder unless you have hidden items box checked under view in windows 10 folder options ( <--- looks like that)
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  6. First, thank you Nulli amazing guide.

    i want to touch on it just a little more, some might have the "GameUserSettings.ini" in "Read-only" mode. Please remember in order to make any changes to it you have to uncheck that by right clicking the file, going to properties and under the general tab at the bottom you want to uncheck it.

    Read-only mode is a huge paint in the butt, lets say you change a key bind or two, or set the master volume to 60 in game.. even thought you hit apply and notice the change in your current session, the game will not what you saved into that .ini file and it will always reset the changes you made on the next launch.

    I also noticed when I opened my file, i had no pre-existing "ActionName" at all..So I had to launch the game and quickly do a bind for "C" as crouch, opened the notepad and they all appeared.
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  7. Heard they took away the crouch jump bind in the test server....
  8. I'll test it today.
  9. its gone atleast on the test server....
  10. It worked for me just fine jumping out of windows on the test server