I see rtr is up?

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  1. What's going on here? I see rtr is up in the rust server list.
  2. It is more of a test bed then anything.
    We have been exploring game dynamics and such, trying to get over all "feel" of the state of the game itself.
    Don't know if it will stay the way it is or even at all. We may go with some kind of OXIDE Mod.

    The other factor is member/player interest, PUBG is a hell of a draw right now.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Carrow used to play rust. She's getting back into gaming now that our little shit spawn has been born. I might give it a try. Is the game still active Sym?
  4. I just started playing on this Rust server a few days ago without reading this... So now that I don't see the server anymore - I guess you're done with it? No more Rust server?
  5. No, it is there. There was a problem with the Server that this server runs on and was over looked when fore mentioned Server was rebooted.

    FYI: Late in the day on Thursdays Rust updates so the server is sometime down for that. Also The first Thursday of every month the server is forced to wipe as a result of the update.
  6. Under which server section do i find the server? Modded or Community?
  7. Its labelled "RAW n Rusty" under the Community tab.
  8. C:\Users\DrTeaMac\Pictures\Screenshot.jpg
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