I think it's time to make some changes on your bf1 HC server

Discussion in 'Battlefield 1' started by Chuckie, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. I never see anyone playing it.

    I get that maybe the idea of cutting out the snipers isn't popular, but maybe you could change your map rotation to be less accommodating:

    Fort De Voux
    Giants shadow

    These maps on other servers fill up, so there is no reason they shouldn't on yours. Also, lower minimum player count if you haven't already.

    There will be plenty of sniper action, but they won't dominate the game like they do the rest of the maps. EA has got a bug up their butt that being bombed and sniped is "fun". Maybe for some, but it gets old after awhile.

    My .02 cents.

  2. Thank you Chuckie, for you post.. We will take it under advisement..
  3. Thanks for your input Chuckie.
    The single biggest problem with our BF1 server is EA/Dice and the state of the game.
    None of our members are really dedicated to the game anymore. So no one seeds the server and there fore it doesn't start up. Map changes, kit restrictions, ticket limits, etc. none of those things will breath any life into the game. All of the things that made BF4 the game it still is are absent in BF1 by EA's choice.
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  4. If you can, add Fort De Voux.

    A lot of the achievements for different weapons are easy to get there.
  5. A couple more things I'd like to suggest - enable rifle grenades for medics. There are several achievement awards for using them, and if you can get Fort De Voux, I'd add it - it's the new Metro, IMO, plus you can more easily get all achievements in short range chaos.

    And lastly, there is Zero hardcore servers on the west coast. I don't know how you feel about putting your server there. Heh, heh, heh...

    I did get in a great few games some days ago. So progress is being made. Keep on pushing. BTW, I seed but get kicked for inactivity. If that is fixed it also gives seeders something to do while waiting for a bona fide game.

    Cheers, 19Crib.