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    Good news everyone! Right to Rebel's Discord server is now OPEN and you can head over there right now to experience the FUTURE. For those of us who are new to discord I have created a very user-friendly guide to help you get started. It even has pictures! This guide will get you setup on our server and even explain some of the features our server has to offer.

    Downloading the Discord App:
    In order to use discord, you first have to HAVE discord. While you can use the website based version of discord, the app version is much better. You can download Discord HERE After that simply follow the wizard to install the program.

    Tl;Dr: Download Link:

    Connecting to the rTr Server:

    Now that you have discord, you will want to join our server. Simply click this link: and you will be asked if you want to join the rTr server.
    Make sure to click "Join Right To Rebel" and you'll be greeted with our very own Discord server!

    Getting your permissions:

    Everyone likes permissions! To get yours make sure the FIRST thing you do is head to the "#General-chat" text channel and type in "!skynet sync".

    Click on the private message the bot sent you and follow the link provided. You will then be directed to our website where you may be prompted to log-in to your account.

    Once you log-in you should be shown this message:

    This will allow the bot to give you all of your permissions. If you feel they are incorrect submit a PAF for correction.

    Understanding Discords Layout:
    New things can be scary, but soon you will be a Discord Pro. First thing you'll need to know is what what is inside the discord server.

    Text Channels:
    These channels allow you to type messages to people and are always prefixed by a "#" symbol. Remember that all messages sent are archived and can be viewed by anyone at anytime, so be careful what you post, or send someone a private message.

    Voice Channels:
    Voice channels allow you to use your voice to talk to people and are always prefixed by a "" symbol.

    Private Messages:
    Sometimes you may want to send someone a "Poke" or just a message you don't want others to see. In these cases a Private Message is best. Simply Click someones name and type in the "Message @Username" section to get a private chat started.


    After you have sent someone a message at least once, you no longer have to click their name, but can instead use the Private Message area of discord. Simply click the 3 person icon, then select their name to send them message after message.

    And thats it! You should now be set-up and have a basic understanding of our Discord server. If you have any questions or run into any problems don't hesitate to ask questions or even grab one of S-1's members to help you. All that is left is to hop onto discord and star enjoying yourselves!


    TeamSpeak will be going into Emergency Mode starting on November 19th.
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