King of the Hill videos!

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  1. Wacoede informed me earlier that a clan had showed up on the server. They happened to setup shop right near my position at the base of tower 4. Once I knew their general direction, I went to town on them. Almost got all of them.

    Towards the end, you can hear "Grenade" by Bruno Mars playing in the background as I'm chucking a nade for my last kill. Totally random, someone was playing it in the house lol.

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  2. Don't get rides from Nulli172 if you're in a

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  3. Damnit, the angle I was coming at to go under the power lines, that pole lined up perfectly with the ones behind it. Thought I was clear.
  4. Here is a video to redeem myself. I did a tactical insertion via chopper and cleared a tower before they knew what even happened.

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