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  1. Work has me messing with linux with some of the digital forensics stuff and I'm wanting to learn a bit more about linux in general so if i come across linux based computers, I can navigate it pretty easily and not have to flounder.

    Currently, I have partitioned out a drive using guid settings and have 5 partitions. My plan is to install a different distro on each just to be able to mess around with them. I have chosen Elementary, Mint and Ubuntu as my first three. I am using universal usb installer to make it happen as that's what some of my training used so I'm sticking with what is familiar.

    *EDIT*Something that was suggested is running a virtual machine kind of thing. While I understand this might be easier and "safer," I would prefer to keep it like what I might see going to a residence and working on a suspects machine. While virtual drives and such might be possible, from what experiences I've had and what other people have told me, this is not the norm.

    I have a few questions though:

    Is what I'm planning on doing possible? (I don't know why it wouldn't be, but hey, I'm a dumbass).

    What will I be able to do (won't be able to do) in these linux based things compared to Windows based OS?

    What other 2 distros (See, I'm learning the lingo already) would you guys suggest I look into messing around with?

    When do I get my neckbeard?

  2. Sorry....I just plug n play :confused::D
  3. What sort of digital forensics are you doing? Like all forensics stuff if you dont know what you are doing, just leave it alone. Do you have a crime lab or something that handles PCs, or are you expected to be the SME? I don't see why you cant partition a drive and use the USB installer to each one. Honestly to actually learn them you have to use them. I play around with Kali linux occasionally for ethical hacking, but it is always a pain in the ass getting it going again and learning commands.
  4. Most of what I do is the initial "get in, get evidence, get out" kind of thing. Then seize it, ship it off to a neighboring agency that does the full shabang providing it's not encrypted. I don't do the imaging or the data reconstruction as my agency does not have the equipment for it though I have the training on how to do it and such as far as imaging goes.

    Currently, the user level stuff that they've trained me on is IOS Triage which is pretty straight forward and easy to use. The other program they suggest is Paladin which is linux based. It was my first contact with linux so it was a bit of a culture shock concerning drive labeling and such. Easy when you get it and realize what it's saying, but confusing at the beginning.

    My goal is to use other distros to try and familiarize myself with what I'm seeing and such. Also, it's just to make me try other things out to see different stuff.

    Currently I have been messing with Ubuntu which is about as easy as it gets user wise. I'm kinda looking for something that will allow me to shape it more and choose what I want with it. Another goal for me is to do the smart home thing at a house we're going to build in several years.
  5. Do you just need to run headless? Or do you need to load X on each distro?

    I used to distro hop but Ubuntu is just the easiest and has the most answers on forums.

    I have 3 linux machines that all run Ubuntu but all my servers run alpine because they are docker containers so that's another story.

    I recommend you get into shell utils and learn the basics like cd/ls/cat/echo/touch/grep/tail/tr/sed/awk

    Writing bash scripts is fun. It's like a shitty programming language that can do a lot of work calling native stuff.

    Let me see if I can find an old shell tutorial

    Then if you are doing headless stuff I recommend vim. Just easier than nano once you learn like 6 commands.

    Technically what you are attempting should work but can fail massively if you do it slightly wrong lol. I would just use something like vagrant and boot up headless vms and crawl around in the shell
  6. i am dying to get this thing working on my laptop touchpad. Pinch to zoom works just fine with evince, and other gnome related gestures (e.g. 4 finger swipe) follow my hands. Gnome web apparently supports this feature but it is so laggy stories when I try use it. Is it just a matter of no browser having bothered to support this for linux?