Looking for BF1 active members?

Discussion in 'Battlefield 1' started by 0utlaw_Torn, May 1, 2018.

  1. Are there any other rtr members still actively playing BF1?
  2. i play a few times a week when i get the need to fly
  3. It's all I play unless there's a BF4 crew on. I'm still down with BF1 vey much.

    That said, I'm completely underwater with work and school and a new full-time outdoor hobby; I've been real scarce this semester. Once May's over, I should be around quite a lot more.
  4. LIES !!.. That new out door hobby will eat up all you time, and your battery life.. For you live in California, and its bikini season.
  5. Well look for me on rTr Discord or in game. Looks like we have to create a BF1 channel since it apparently has been removed for a while...
    Always looking for company, one of the reasons I originally joined rTr was because you guys always ran a great hardcore server and played the latest Battlefield games. Seems those days are a thing of the past though. :(
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  6. ONLY because EA ruined the way servers are hosted. We can no longer host a server on a host of our choosing. We have to go through EA and everything about the way they have it set up is garbage. Hopefully they figure it out for the next Battlefield but even if they don't, we will still have a server up.
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