Lost my levels

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  1. Hi. I played on your server and I made level 14 and I had 65000$ and today 08.07.2017 when I tried to connect to your server my game crashed and I had to restart the game. When I restarted the game i lose all my levels and money can you help me to give me back all my progress.Or at least some of them? Please.
  2. can anyone help me
  3. Sorry to hear about your levels but unfortunately this is not caused by our servers and there is nothing we personally can do to restore them.

    The good news is that the KOTH Devs can. This is a common issue with the game mode due to how your profile is saved to be able to be used no matter the server you play on. Simply follow the instructions on their forum:


    Once your profile is restored, I'd suggest following their guidelines to keep a backup of your profile so this issue does not happen again.

  4. Can we get this moved to the game section for Arma...
  5. as you wish