Minecraft Current Pack!

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  1. Currently we are on Project O-zone 2: Reloaded version 2.2.7
    Here is the download link: https://mods.curse.com/modpacks/minecraft/244939-project-ozone-2-reloaded

    Server IP:
    TS Address: ts.righttorebel.net

    We are looking forward to seeing you all there. :)

    Quick reminder of the rules:
    1 - No griefing, Duping, Hacking, or exploiting.
    2 - No Quarrying in the Overworld, Nether. or End. You may only quarry in the AromaCore miningworld.
    3 - All rTr Members are required to be on Teamspeak while on an rTr server.
    4 - Racist, sexist, xenophobic, and other offensive speech will not be tolerated.
    5 - Gifting technology & game breaking items is highly frowned upon (All Staff will discourage it and will confiscate items if deemed necessary).
    6 - No AFK devices. A 3 strike system is applied to this.
    7 - No hack-usations.
    8 - No visual diarrhea. This includes ugly block towers and leaving explosions everywhere.
    9 - No non-consensual PvP. No Holy Wars.
  2. This is a fun pack guys. You have your choice between Sky Island or a regular gen biome. Also the extensive questing book keeps you interested and learning the assorted mods, which with over 200 mods will take some effort. Come have some fun with us.
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