My message to EA, regarding heavy handed forum management

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Am I being too much of a jerk?

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  1. This deals with heavy handed moderation on the battlefield official forums.

    I made an original post. The moderator, "LOLGotYerTags," decided to move my post to a similar problem, and locked my post. The problem that I have with this is that he moved it to a post that was over a year old. The new problem, with a new solution, is not directly related to the post that he moved it to.

    Thus, I reported this as a problem, and I got this reply:

    AvarikAvarik October 19
    You have been banned from the forums for 24 hours for disagreeing and arguing with a moderator's decision, by using the report action to report him, thereby misusing the report user action.

    Such behavior will not be tolerated. LOLGotYerTags have explicitly sent you to a different thread that is already active, and there was no need to create a new one when the discussion about it is already on-going, even if that thread is much older. (And it isn't - The original post that started it dates back to October 12th, 2017 and not 2016 like you specified)

    Refrain from doing so again in the future.

    It is one thing to ban someone from the forums. I would reply to this Avarik, to discuss the issue, but he has left the conversation.

    This shows me a lack of professionalism on both parts, by both LOLGotYerTags as well as Avarik, for moving of a thread to one over a year old, to the gross dismissal of a poster, then leaving the conversation, not even allowing a reply.

    I am sure that the staff at EA is used to dealing with complaints by 16-18 year olds frequently, but when you continue to treat adults, professional adults, in this way, you *will* wind up alienating a customer base. It just occurred with me.

    I am sending this complaint to you. I await the answers to the following questions:

    1. What level of professionalism do you expect from your moderators on the forums?

    2. What level of professionalism do you expect that names like, "LOLGotYerTags," convey to those of us end users?

    3. What is the appropriate way to complain, or to openly disagree with the actions of a moderator, if not to *report their post?

    4. Is it appropriate for another moderator to issue a suspension to a user, and then remove himself from the conversation, thus eliminating any discourse about the issue?

    5. If these actions by these moderators are inappropriate, what actions do you at EA intend to take in order to insure that this does not happen again? If these actions are appropriate, please let me know so I can pass this information on to other potential customers of EA.

    This question, and answer, is being shared with my gaming community. We await your answer.
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  2. this poll needs a "No, Fuck'em" option
  3. After looking at the users that have read this thread ( at the time of this posting ) who ever answered yes to that poll.. Hand over your MAN Card.. Looking at you Kenny...
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  4. Thank you for replying.

    We at the EA Help support center do not have any direct connection to the Battlefield 1 Forums. I would suggest using the report system on the forums to report any mishandling or abuse of power you have encountered. I hope you understand my limitation with the forums.
  5. My Feedback:

    I had a problem with the forums, with the REPORT function of the forums, with moderators being biased. He suggested using the report function to get help.

    This suggests that either the person does not understand the issue, or did not read it.

    Since you have no direct connection to the Battlefield 1 forums, I assume that you are ok with them using your trademarked names...Thanks for that.
  6. FYI: recently I had an issue with a temp ban of "necro'ing" a thread. I lit into Broddick and we went round and round including TOS, local rules, customs, and legal access to "read only" information on forums during a ban.

    Haven't seen LOLGotYerTags around since then I think I got him fired. Some people aren't cut out to have authority.

    Merry Christmas! LOL. Bend over Tags. Here's some more!
  7. No disrespect or snideness intended, but I hope making this thread made you feel better because thats about the only thing that this will do. At one point I had an account with all of the EA games on it.Every single EA title was on it. Then, when the big stolen account craze was going on someone SE'd my account and EA legit gave my account to someone else. I went to support and they wouldnt help. These forums skids dont give a damn about what people have to say. If the BF [higher up] community cared about the people they would have a completely different structure as far as how they handle things.
  8. gaming, can't we just get along and have fun??? :D