OverWatch Free Weekend rTr Event

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  1. So this weekend the 26-29 is the free OverWatch weekend. So to have a bit of fun were going to host an event during this time! On Saturday the 27th you can visit the OverWatch channel in TeamSpeak at any time to take part in the rTr Mystery Heros event.

    Mystery Heros is a mode in which, after you die, the game switches which hero you are playing. This allows you to see all heros and enjoy the randomness.

    You can download OverWatch (12GB) here: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/free-trial

    We will run games as soon as we have 4+ people and go as long as we have interested players. If the group playing wants to try out a different mode we will of course change modes.

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  2. Just checked out the skins and you can make genji look like a familiar face:

    i mean WHO doesnt want to play as the GREEN POWER RANGER
  3. Friendly reminder this is now active! you can download and play overwatch for free

    Also tomorrow is the rtr event