PubG Reports not doing anything. [PICS]

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  1. I was looking through PubG twitter today and saw this.
    From what Im understanding, if you want anything to actually get done about your report you need to formally post in the proper sub-forum on the official site. CLICK ME FOR LINK

    Also, damage on the circle is changed so that the farther away you are, the more damage it does. I'm pretty sure they did something to the loot tables too. Ive been getting a whole lot of snipers and suppressors. Good luck everyone!
  2. Be a popular youtuber/Twitch person?
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  3. thats not relevant lol
  4. You can report hackers on their forums, you have to provide video proof, I've done it twice now.
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  5. honestly i dont understand why they dont say this in-game, or even have a report function if it doesnt do anything. All it is is to make us THINK they are doing something about hackers....... i may be being pessimistic though
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  6. I think you're pretty spot on. The only issue I have with this game at this moment is the cheating shit. Everything else seems to be on track. Battleye will get it right. It took a bit for Arma but it happened.
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  7. Do you realize how many false reports they get either from people mad that they died or who just assume everyone that kills them is hacking?

    Of course they are not going to ban off your single report. What the report function is for is to see a pattern of multiple people reporting the same guy.

    Get reported a couple times, nothing is going to happen to you. Reports are probably people just jealous of your 1337 skills. Mutilple reports from multiple people over the course of multiple games? Yeah, you are going to end up banned.

    That's how they have to do it when there is not actual evidence supplied with a simple in-game report. Otherwise everyone would be banned for flase reports by now.

    If you want that instant gratification of getting someone banned, then have video evidence and post on their forums but don't stop reporting in-game as it serves a purpose.
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  8. but they dont say that thats how bans work with the report function. They say its for statistic purposes. Sounds to me that they dont do anything with the in-game reports
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  9. Well... Keeping track and checking how many reports a player recieves per game and over total games played would be... Statistics... Haha.