PU's Battleground videos!

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  1. TwosockZ and I had no clue that Diesel had been drinking prior to him driving the car. The outcome was unexpected. LOL!

    Last part of the video shows me dropping 3 dudes in a warehouse. Over/Under shotgun is so fun to use!

  2. Here's another one! Almost made to number one in a solo run. Got caught up in the moment and the wall put me down. 9 kills though, some of them were like "WTF!"

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  3. 2 games later, I got my first #1!! This was almost a perfect run. Was in the circle the whole time.

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  4. The new sound patch that came out today is great!

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  5. So so dirty. I bet this dude flipped.

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  6. Going for the win in squad play.

  7. I love the body twitching in the car after you killed him. haha