PU's Battleground videos!

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  2. Daaaaaamn!!! Go Army. Sorry I might have been more help if didnt have grandkids buggin the shit out of me the last 45 seconds of the round.
  3. Yep... the .45

  4. Op dropped a squad and we did too!

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  5. Had a weird glitch happen to all of us but we still pulled through.
  6. Just a small montage i put together needed to clear space for more videos. The best is yet to come!
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  7. This is a highlight reel from the last month in PUBG.

    In the 3rd clip, I think the rest of the squad was concerned about a guy in the rocks where they were. I remember Teamac looking for him. Teamac, if you remember this, check out the kill feed around 3:15. I think your rocky guy fell to his death, lol.

    Also, 5:50, Teamac putting holes in fools, lol.

    Then that last clip, that was a random pug, that Rocket Ace. That dude actually pulled his weight that game and helped us get that chicken dinner!

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  8. Damn, makes me miss the rain and fog. Made the matches really interesting.
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  9. Wait, they removed rain and fog?! Whyyyy, it was so different and creepy! I loved it