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  1. Hello Vietnam!

    I am proud to announce a new "Trial Run" Objective based Event. The event is based on yourself and your squad score in this 2 hour event! You can make your own Squad full of friends or Join a squad full of other Competitors.

    Who: RTR Members or Active Rising Storm 2 Players
    When: 24 February 2018, 1600h-1800h EST
    Where: Rising Storm 2 Server #1 or #2 (Will be announced Day Prior)
    Why: To bring together RTR Members and Active players to add a competitive environment to RS2.

    Scores will be based on your Squad Placement between all the competing Squads on the server. It will depend on the amount of participation.
    Ex. out of 5 Squads, 1st will get 5 points, 2nd will get 3, and 3rd will get 1.

    Squads will be registered via form. One Person Per a Squad register the whole team!

    Random Squad Pool will be picked by applied Squad Leaders.

    Rules are very simple, follow the server/ RTR Rules, they will be strictly enforced! You must Arrive to the 1600h Time 15 minutes Prior to ensure fair start to event. If you or certain squad members arrive late that is their own fault. If there is any unforeseen problems I will let people know!

    Any questions please comment below. Other then that! Happy Hunting!
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  2. Cancelled due to lack of interest. I will plan a different type of event at a later date. I am working with the RS2 community about a 32 vs 32 Community Event (Campaign). More info will be put out.