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  1. Right to Rebels Battlefield operations have come to a end. Our final BF server was closed last night at midnight 4/1/18 due to our "Dead Wood" policy. More specifically, due to lack of interest by members and pubbies compared to the cost. Also worth noting, it has been sometime since we have had a recruit from that server. So the over all benefit to the community had waned considerably.

    It is a end of an era for us, this will be the first time in ten years of our almost twelve year history that we are not hosting a Battlefield server.
  2. Sad times indeed. I really hope EA can return DICE to their true form and release something worthwhile this year.
  3. We have gotten a price reduction on our dedicated Server so the long ans short is BF4 has gotten a reprieve!
    To give it/us some more options we are going to add the rest of the map and make it a "All Maps" server.
  4. Was this just a April Fools Joke attempt?
  5. No. Just the perfect storm of the server being paid up till the 31st, the server host trying to keep us as customers, and the first being April Fools day.
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  6. That is about the size of it. This is not the first time we have moved to make some changes with NFO and had them go all FUBAR at the last minute.

    Here is a cut and paste of the two tickets covering this action.

    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:37pm
    How big of a VDS will I need for a 64 man Rising Storm 2?
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:40pm - answered by James
    Hi, thank you for contacting us today. RS2 can be very memory intensive, so you'd mainly want to consider how much memory you want. The best general package would likely be the 4-core configuration.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:40pm
    Never mind I see the limit on the the VDS order page.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:42pm - answered by TimeX
    Alright. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:41pm
    Opps that is RO2 so never mind my never mind.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:42pm
    Never mind I see the limit on the the VDS order page.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:43pm - answered by TimeX
    You have me a bit confused now, but those games use about the same amount of resources.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:45pm
    How about the 8 core package. Would that be enough? It has twice what the 4 core does.
    To be clear again ( I kind of muddied the water) 64 man Rising storm 2
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:47pm - answered by James
    The 8 core package should be more than enough for your needs.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:51pm
    I need to cancel our current dedicated and the BF4 server (and slots or course) Can we get the Ip from our RS2 server moved to a new VDS?
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 4:54pm - answered by James
    I'm sorry to hear this, did you have any issues with your machine that lead to this decision?

    As for the IP move, that would need to be coordinated with our CEO.
    Sat, Mar 31 2018 5:08pm
    No issues with the box or you, you guys are the best in the business.
    It makes me a bit sad myself. It is just the changing times in gaming, at least for us. Most of our members play other games these days like PubG, we have maybe two or three members that play BF4. It is hard to justify the cost. We would have shut it down three months ago but so sponsors stepped up to took care of it till now. Thus saving it from our communities "Dead wood" Policy.
    End of an era for us, this will be the first time in ten years of our 12 year history that we are not hosting a Battlefield server.

    Anyway sorry for the novel, felling a bit nostalgic I guess.

    I will order the a 8 core VDS package tonight.


    Sat, Mar 31 2018 5:12pm - answered by Bill
    I can definitely relate, I hope you guys will be able to move forward successfully! Just let us know if there is anything we can do for you!
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 6:03pm
    This has gone all snafu. The ticket #974388 is stuck with John, and he is not replying.
    He said, " - It should have been brought up that prices have gone down a bit for our dedicated machines, so your machine could be adjusted. We also offer the option of a one-time payment to bring the cost down by another $20 a month. This may have made keeping the dedicated server viable for you."

    How much can we reduce our price?
    How much is a stand alone?
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 6:10pm - answered by James
    It looks like the monthly price itself was reduced a bit by our CEO already, from $215.49 to $200.48. The price could be lowered by another $25.50 should you choose to remove the BF4 slots from the package.

    And if you're referring to a standalone RS2 gameserver, you can look at our order page to see a full pricing breakdown for the server and the options you've selected. https://www.nfoservers.com/order.php
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 6:38pm
    Please cancel the VDS and credit our account. I have canceled it in the payments area and restarted the sub on the dedi.
    The time down got a few people to step forward. So that with the price reduction will make it doable.
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 6:39pm - answered by James
    I've gone ahead and made the credit for the virtual service for you, would you like to go ahead and remove the BF4 slots now as well?
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 6:40pm
    No. Thanks.
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 6:46pm - answered by James
    Okay, if you have any more questions please let us know.

    Second Ticket same issue.
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 5:19am
    I've gone through the panel to create a RS2 server. It shows in game installs but that is it.
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 5:20am
    Also did John get a chance to move the IP (the one from our RS2 server)from the other server?
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 6:13am - answered by Cody
    When adding new game support, you have to first install the files (which you just completed) and after that you can proceed through the ordering page to fully add it to the VDS.

    I checked your other request and I am not sure why they said that John needed to be involved in the IP move because your machine was Managed. All that would have been required would be to use the ordering page to move it. Now that the machine is offline, that has been greatly complicated.

    I will send this to our CEO so he can work out a solution to fix this mistake.

    Please allow some time for him to respond as he tends to remain quite busy.

    While you are waiting for his response, please be aware that staff will not see further responses to this request.
    If you have another issue not related to this request, please open a separate request so staff can respond.
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 2:10pm - answered by John
    It appears that the staff mishandled your previous request in multiple ways.

    - It does not require my involvement to move servers from a managed dedicated server to a managed VDS -- or into our regular standalone system. In fact, trying to involve me just slows things down!

    - The servers needed to be adjusted before the machine was shut down, and this should have been communicated to you.

    - As we state on the VDS order page, RO2 (RS2) and BF4 servers have a maximum size cap. We don't allow servers over 48 slots on VDSes because we know that large servers for these games simply do not perform well on a VDS. This is not a question of memory usage, but CPU usage. Your 64-slot RS2 server was hitting 100% CPU usage constantly on the full dedicated machine and a VDS has slower CPU cores, so this definitely applies to you. The only viable options for that RS2 server are for it to be kept on a dedicated machine of some sort or to be put into our regular standalone system. Honestly, since you had one of the fastest types of machines available and were already hitting the limit on CPU, I would have really recommended trying to keep it where it was if at all possible; otherwise, you'll have to change its configuration to reduce usage, or in-game performance will suffer (for it to be using this much CPU, I imagine that you've changed the FPS and may be running 3rd party customizations).

    - It should have been brought up that prices have gone down a bit for our dedicated machines, so your machine could be adjusted. We also offer the option of a one-time payment to bring the cost down by another $20 a month. This may have made keeping the dedicated server viable for you.

    I've reactivated your machine until the end of the day now so that you can take further action. My recommended action would be to either keep a dedicated machine or move the RS2 server into our regular standalone-game-server system while also changing its configuration to use less CPU.

    It's also a shame to have that popular BF4 server shut down. Popular servers are not common and I'm sure it has many regular players who will be disappointed. Have you considered approaching other communities that you respect and asking if they want to adopt it?
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 2:22pm
    How can we get the Dedi down to?
    Sun, Apr 1 2018 3:00pm
    Sorry I was in the middle of a couple of thing. How much can we get the cost down to?
    Mon, Apr 2 2018 1:02am - answered by John
    I adjusted it down to current pricing this morning for you but we can likely go a bit lower. Will you be keeping the BF4 server running on it?
    Mon, Apr 2 2018 6:11am
    Yes will be keeping the BF4 server for now.

    So as you can see the joke was on us(me) if there was a joke. Anyway we have gotten the price down a bit and we are still negotiating. This should make the Server more viable for us.
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  7. Everytime I deal with NFO, I end up like this..

  8. Never fails.
  9. Then it ends up like this-

    And in the industry of "Game Servers" they're the Best in the US. There is some argument for OVH, but they are based in Canada.
    Speaking of, we moved most of our services to OVH Servers last time we had to deal with NFO. Gee was that fun and much more costly in respects to one of our most priceless commodities, TIME.