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  1. Greetings =rTr= and Guests,

    The time we have been waiting for has come. We are happy to announce that the =rTr= PUBG Stunt Show video contest is underway!!!

    This Stunt Show contest is for Members and Non-Members!

    =rTr= DrilOne has done a superb job of creating our trophy that the winner will receive at the end of the contest. Special thanks to him for his creativity and willingness to bring us closer as a Gaming Community!

    Please submit all of your applicable videos below in this thread. Please have videos edited as much as possible. Also, you will need to join our discord with the same name as our forums so we can find you in the event that you win! Thanks, and good luck!


    · Contest will start Monday, 5 February 2018 and the last day of submission will be Sunday, 25 March 2018. Our top 3 winners will be announced at the community meeting on Monday, 2 April 2018.

    · Judges will consist of Antivanity, Army126, Operationurmom, Nulli, Footheboss, DrilOne.

    · Judges will pick the Top 10 videos and release the selection on Monday, 26 March 2018 and the COMMUNITY will then vote on who they think the top 3 winners should be!

    · Please post only videos that contain the most insane, dramatic, edgy, crazy, and absolutely ridiculous stunts, crashes, and kills please!

    · You can submit as many videos as you want!

    · Please annotate the name of the individual in the video that would be competing for the trophy with each video being posted.

    · Members and Non-Members are eligible to submit videos!

    · Any suspicion of hacking, or exploiting will not be tolerated!

    · Have fun!

    1st place prize

    2nd place prize:

    3rd place prize:
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  2. I would like to submit a video for =rTr= DeiselFuel2o2

  3. On behalf of Krazie Ivan i'd like to submit this.
  4. Ill submit for myself on this one:

    foo said multiple in 1 vid was fine, some of the clips were broken so its not as long as i wanted.

  5. Don't trust your Uber driver
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  6. ( From my perspective, Driver - Sir-Racha)
    ( From Enemy perspective )
  7. Here is my team is testing out PUBG'S new "rocket bike."
  8. this looks like an almost working space program
  9. Please see the updated dates for the contest in the rules!!!