Season 5 Play of the Game Showdown! (Brackets are UP!)

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  1. The fifth season of Overwatch has come to a close, and now the time has come for the seasonal "Competitive Play of the Game Tournament"!

    Since I only really told two other people at the end of the season, this season's Comp PotG Tournament will feature a rather small selection of lame PotGs by me, and maybe a highlight I found amusing.

    Since I know most of you can do better, keep in mind Season 6 starts in two days and only lasts two months. I'll work out submissions for that soon, but for now, remember to record your comp plays of the game!

    Match 1A:
    Entry 18 vs Entry 17
    Match 2A:
    Entry 3 vs Entry 6
    Match 3A:
    Entry 4 vs Entry 1
    Match 4A:
    Entry 8 vs Entry 20

    Match 1B:
    Entry 16 vs Entry 9
    Match 2B:
    Entry 14 vs Entry 19
    Match 3B:
    Entry 11 vs Entry 10
    Match 4B:
    Entry 12 vs Entry 15

    Now to cast your votes! For each match, choose your victor!
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  2. i have plenty of Season 5 potgs saved, can i submit them?
  3. Are they comp ones? Then of course! Just message me the links.

    Though we could put in your Genji one for luls :p
  4. Ive been stock piling some Play of the games highlights. Ill be compiling them shortly.
  5. Ive got plenty of recordings, but as im only lvl 22 or so, no competitive