Test Servers Up For New Anti-Cheat Measures

Discussion in 'Playerunknown Battlegrounds' started by SwampAss, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Now is a great time to login and play.. Most of the hackers will be waiting for the subscription service to update so they wont get banned.. Kill them while you can..
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  2. Test server = guiltless practice for nubs like me. so rusty, but shooter skills are starting to come back a lil
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  3. nevermind.
    seems Bunghole can't be arsed to actually turn on the servers 36hrs after claiming the status as "up". what a shit-show. still, here i am launching the Live server version of the game... i hate you, Kenny. (thx buddy ;P)
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  4. 3 games with blatant cheating still, idk if somehow i get the speed-hackers they dont catch or what, but seems the new anti-cheat measures are....lackluster
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  5. I bet when the new cheat stuff rolls out they have a work a round in 24 hrs after. Every game will always have cheaters... =(