To Core i9, or not to Core I9?

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  1. I wont be purchasing one any time soon, unless I sell a grandkid and sell my mother, but I wanted to here some thoughts on Intel's new "beast" from my fellow tech whores.

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  2. it's kneejerk crap caused by AMD suddenly being competitive again - do not buy. 8-series leaks are far from impressive too, but loads more promising than x299.
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  3. What he said^. Plus, rumor on the street is Intel's next set of CPU's for mainstream will be 6 core and will most likely have better OC's compared to anything X299. Single core performance is always better on the mainstream i7 and i5's. They also have much better gaming performance in comparison to the extreme chips.

    Wait for Coffee Lake, it'll be worth it if they are 6 core.
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  4. I find that funny to read.. I see things posted like this all the time from Intel fans.. Dont get me wrong, I own an Intel.. but " Single core performance " ( for gaming ) with 6 core main stream.. why bother with a 6 core, if all you do is gaming.. I for one and tell you its a waste of time.. AMD has been trying to start a Core War with Intel for years.. AMD will win that war.. With bang for your buck pricing...

    Everyone can slam AMD, and say they suck because they are 10% slower at gaming.. well look at the numbers.. instead of 140fps you would get 126fps.. Unless your an E-Sports Hero or must have a 144hz panel, just for the sake of saying you own one. AMD is kicking the shit out of Intel in Performance per dollar.
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  5. i'm not really a fan of either, but all the moral-lacking douchery Intel has consistently pulled for nearly 40yrs puts me in awe that AMD have survived & kinda makes me root for them. AMD also seems to look further ahead in-general with all the tech they develop (Athlon X2 launched when?). they also don't block industry-adoption of tech they develop through BS means of controlling it, with the goal of being the sole profiteer.

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  6. So the current AMD stable at mainstream i5 and i7 levels are ALL 6 CORE. Bumping down to Ryzen 3 puts you at i3 equivalent, which is weird considering Ryzen 3 is 4 cores, 4 threads. i3 is only 2c/4t. Your point of saying "go AMD" and don't worry about 6 cores is moot.

    Games, are mostly single core at this moment and aren't really progressing to multi-core anytime soon. Regardless of Intel's shitty corporate practices, they do have the upper hand. They still outperform AMD on single core performance even after the new release. Should you buy AMD over Intel at the same price? No, because you are literally losing performance for your dollar.

    I could give two shits about whether or not AMD is getting screwed, I only care about the most performance for my dollar. AMD's releases this year will do one thing, lower prices for Intel. Their GPU launch was lackluster. Congrats, you can provide almost the same performance as a year old 1080 for the same price. Volta is around the corner, Nvidia will put AMD back in its place.

    I understand the rooting for the underdog but if they aren't putting out better products, there really isn't much to root for. AMD's entire CPU lineup go likes this. "I'm not as good as Intel with gaming but I can do workstation stuff better". Ryzen 5 loses to i7-7700k in every real world application and it has 2 less cores. It runs a higher stock clock and boosts high. Should you run out and buy an 7700k? No, I would wait for Coffee Lake. The 8700k (or whatever its going to be called) will be the same price and have 2 more cores...
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  7. eh? look at core utilization on literally every game benchmark of the last 4yrs. disable HT & all extra cores on any CPU - run benches on the remaining core - how's it compare? if anything, the games of the last 18mo vs games released in the previous 2.5yrs show (granted, through DX12 & Vulkan) how fast devs are progressing with multi-threaded CPUs.

    6-7yrs of near-stagnation (yet price increases) by Intel due to AMD being out of the game. this alone shows how your only concern (value) has already been affected. i'm def not tellin everyone to buy AMD out of pity... i remember when AMD did have the far superior product for nearly a 6yr run, yet illegal practices (loads of court judgments) by Intel designed to ruin their biggest competitor directly resulted in the recent years of floundering tech & competition that destroyed value. just sayin; you can't care only about the effect w/o giving some sort of concern to the cause. :)
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  8. Near stagnation only saves us money. Right now, Sandy Bridge(2011) is just starting to show its age, add an overclock and its just fine. 6 years is what you would have gotten out of that. During that time, AMD was recycling garbage while they saved up enough money to pay for 3rd party foundries to make their shit.

    So, what needs to be understood here, is that Ryzen 3 is a great alternative to i3 but their comparing 4c processors to 2 core processors. That equates up top as well. Ryzen 5 and 7 are great workstation CPU's but lag behind in gaming, which is what we care about here.

    Back to the multi-core stuff. I can think of maybe 5 games that utilize more than one core and they are all AAA titles. Most of the reasons multi-core is good is for streaming without needing a second PC.

    Lastly, I would love to watch that video but I cannot fucking stand that guys accent.
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  9. wish i'd had a crystal ball & bought an i7 2600k back then, but i grew up watching huge leaps in perf every 18mo at most & didn't expect 6-7yrs of stagnation. that'd be like still buying cars as they were built in the 80's... but i'm glad there's been competition to foster innovation & we're not still using cassette decks, 4-wheel drum brakes, & carburetors. spose you're right tho - it'd save people money if their '81 Chevy Citation was still state-of-the-art! ;P

    behold! the future! (of 17mo ago when this testing was done

    wish i could find an article like this post, but shutting off cores in lots of games instead of how he did it - taking data from lots of different processors (too many factors). you can still see the trend tho:

    Ryzen has actually seen pretty great ecosystem maturing & support since launch. Intel's superior clocks & IPC are fantastic, but far more impressive in older titles. (also, how's a slight German accent on your ears?):

    my Scot heritage demands satisfaction, sir! (lol, watch the other vid muted with subtitles)
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