To Core i9, or not to Core I9?

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  1. total avg = 4.7ghz OC'd 7700k 138fps vs 4ghz 1600 126fps.
    total avg of 1% minimums = 114fps vs 103fps.
    OC'd 7700k (with double the RAM & custom water cooling), beats an OC'd 1600 by... *drumroll* ...9%.

  2. Would still buy an i5 over the 1600. You still mad?
  3. And $125 USD more than the R5 1600. If you go to the article, and look thru the games they have on that list.. ( terrible selection Ivan.. Terrible.. ) the games that matter to us..

    ( Why cant this #&$Ing thing do what I typed on the screen )
    ............................ 7700K R5 1600
    PubG ...................140 fps 139 fps
    BF1......................165 fps 156 fps
    OverWatch..........264 fps 267 fps
    GTA 5...................137 fps 108 fps

    It really only pulled away in about 5 games, of the 30 they tested... It is not about core count anymore.. it is about performance per dollar, and performance per watt..I say that knowing, we all overclock our shit, and that throws the cost per watt out the window) Yes Ryzen is a new architecture, and yes, it will steadily get better. It just so happens that now there is some competition on the CPU side of the market right now. We are no longer forced to swallow down Intels high prices, if we want a powerful multi-purpose computer.
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  4. How about those benchmarks with the 7600k. Thats the chip you buy for strictly gaming...
  5. And with this.. Army is right.. All he users his PC for is playing games.. Then an i5 is the best solution for that.. If you do more with your computer.. examples would be streaming video, recording your game play, then editing it so you can post it to Youtube or Facebook.. then I would recommend the 1600 or even the 1700 to those people. Gives them more cpu power for those tasks.. But if all you do is play games on your PC... an i5 is hands down the best cpu to get at present..
  6. I'd also like to see what the benchmarks will look like when Coffee Lake drops. That is going to bring 6 cores to the mainstream and will be a better match to Ryzen 5.
  7. No, its not bringing 6 cores to the mainstream.. AMD has already done that.. Its going to be Intels attempt to answer that, by putting 6 cores in their low tier offerings for the firs time. I'm just curious as to what Intel is planning on charging for this 6 core. If its the same as what they are charging now.. That would be laughable..

    And coffee lake right now is up in the air.. Some rumors say it is going to be 10nm... while others rumors have it as yet another 14nm refresh..
  8. has your speedo gotten too tight, or are we suddenly 12yrs old?

    coulda sworn this was a thread about tech & factual benchmarks/testing that indicate the best likely upgrade path for peeps - no? mis-placed effort on my bad... "ahem... yolomadbro?crymorhemadcuzbadfakenewsgetgudsadurmum!!!1one111!!!11". countering info with shade (i can ad-hominem too - see above), cherry picking, base-rate, inductive, & repeatedly moving the goalposts were easy to spot. but i need to consult to keep up with the rest of your end of the discussion... hold on pls...
  9. Coffee Lake gets announced on the 21st. Early rumors are saying 30% increase in performance of Kaby Lake and more cores. If that's the case, totally worth the wait.