What are you listening to now?

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  1. If you aren't familiar with this guy, he does tons of covers that are sometimes better than the original. This one is my favorite, thought the original is still a classic.
  2. "If I'm a shell of a man my words are empty
    Ringing through the halls of my bones for near a century
    Don't lecture me
    I see that selling soul get better things
    And maybe its just fear that's keeping me from better scenes"
    "If only I could keep my mouth shut, no enemies
    But I don't see the point in knowing truth and not set it free
    I can't both express myself, then play the game
    If you just can't handle what I say, then don't say my name"

  3. This is considered to be one of the greatest live rock performances ever. Worth the time!
    It give me chills to watch Freddie's total command of the audience.

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