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  1. So i've been paying patreon for years now to support RtR and honestly forgot about it lol. All good, but it seems we dont really exist anymore. No one posts here and i dont really know if we even have servers anymore.
  2. Thanks for your support all of this time.
    We exist just not the same as before.
    Since the adoption of Discord as our VOIP system the forums have really only served a an administrative area. Most of the feature of the forums are covered by Discord, general chat, gaming news, etc.
    As far as Game servers we no longer run any though there had been some consideration for renting a BF2042 server. I think the current state of the game has dissuaded that idea. The only cost we have at this point are for Web hosting for this server, a "server boost" I did for the Discord server. So our cost are minimal and I believe that I will be down grade the type of hosting we have on the website sometime this year.
  3. Hey Sym,

    Thanks for the feedback, so I actually have multiple servers as I'm a hoster of hundreds of sites. If you want you can just host this site on one of my servers for free. Let me know if you want to and I'll set you up an account and a server app spot to move this over. What games is the group currently playing. Also just signed into discord. thanks for the quick reply. Would be nice to see the group grow again.
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