a look at PUBG's "netcode" mechanics, in-depth

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  1. new - retested for 1.0-Live, plus against other Battle Royals (now 1 full second delay at low-points in server send rate!!!)

  2. hit me up when they actually deal with the MASSIVE hacking problem. Im still amazed this got game of the year with the amount of bugs/hacks etc.
  3. I've only been playing on South America servers and I have not ran into any noticable hackers like I do on NA servers. Been reading a lot on Reddit of people complaining of the NA servers being full of people from China which is where a lot of the hackers are from.

    Give SA servers a shot in the mean time.
  4. Thats where we were playing when he rage uninstalled. Still a hacker issue in SA just not as common.
  5. Ive killed hackers. syf, deisel , jim and swamp have all owned their share as well. Just gotta git gud. I still think the game is the standard for every future battle royal game out there. Yeah there are bugs and hacks but what game has ever had a flawless 1.0?
  6. also (so glad someone has finally looked into this), odd latency issue if you've not fired a round in last few seconds...

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  7. TL;DW
    (1)...don't run higher quality settings if you can't also maintain very high framerates.
    (2)...always, ALWAYS ADS when possible.

  8. v1.0 Patch Update #14 ...aka: finally some decent improvement once 2/3 of players are dead, but still not good to jump hot spots.

  9. v1.0 Patch Update #19 ...bit lower delay on avg, but far less delay when there's a lot of players still alive.