Aberration Expansion for Ark

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  1. Impregnate your enemies with a xenomorph, have their spawn burst threw your enemies chests... mwahaha. Check out this youtube vid. Very cool stuff
  2. I still haven't managed to get into ARK, but with how excited you are about the update, maybe it's time. Or I can just quietly go back to dying first in PUBG.
  3. lol I am excited
  4. [​IMG]
    This just about sums up how good I am at Ark...Then usually something eats my face.
  5. you can join my group when expansion comes out :)
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  6. "During the event, we also had some very important news to announce, starting with the most important piece of information, ARK: Aberration will not be launching in October 2017. The expansion pack has been delayed by some weeks due to some necessary development work needing to be done. It will be coming out this year, with more features thanks to feedback we've received from our demo."