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What would you like to see the most on the server?

  1. More Maps

  2. AFK Kick

  3. 2nd Supremacy Server

  4. Administrative Mods (I.e Team Balance, Team Switching,

  5. More Staff Members/Administration

  6. Nothing is wrong with the server.

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  1. Hello Right to Rebel Staff, Members and Players,

    I am Warhouse, I have been active on the server for about a month straight. I would like to give a list of suggestions we should all look into to grow the RS2: Vietnam community, recruiting, and even pave the way to a better battlefield.

    One thing I never stop hearing about is how unbalanced Hue is. My possible solution is to dedicate one to two days, over a month, of testing certain community/developer maps to see if it meets the general players needs, which are mainly the balance of the map and the replay value. This will grow your map selection so people do not get burned out of playing the same two maps, which in the future will pose a problem with population. This has a gamble to it, for those trial days, you may have terrible maps that will turn away your players for that map rotation, but also it may spark dedicated players to show that you are constantly looking into improving the server, along with the community. At the end of the trial, encourage people to go vote on if they enjoyed the map or not.

    There is no AFK Kick timer with a full server. This should be in place to ensure it has active users consistently playing instead of the Squad Leader being AFK and causes the whole squad having to vote kick, which most people do not vote or vote no, or change squads.

    Possible administrative modifications to server:
    Inter Server Connection: Transfer between servers using a command
    Player Statistics (server based)
    Team Balance, maybe even restrict team switches
    Update Server Contact: make a rTr email just so admins for servers can all have access to process emails. (ex.

    One of the biggest things we can do is possibly open a second supremacy server, by the looks of the other two, they have died out. We can utilize one of those to meet our player requirements.

    As much as I love Teamspeak and prefer it over discord or vent, we will get more people talking and joining discord then a Teamspeak. Maybe we should have a rTr Discord chat to make it easier for people to join and may potentially lead to more rTr recruits coming from the servers.

    Last and not least, moderation of the server is sustainable but there has been a few times where people try kicking players for purposeful team killing, trolling, or inappropriate names. Nothing gets completed because people just want to play the game. For my easy/basic suggestion for this with out pointing fingers or making it seem that I am bashing admins or members, provide a list of admins on the Rules page when people join so they can reference and see who is an Admin or just a regular player/member, along with that provide a link to a form that players fill out that will be sent to the rTr admin email so that it can be reviewed and action can be taken.

    Thank you very much for reading all of this. I really want the servers to strive and these are problems that I know I can help assist in helping and I could give logical solutions. Send hate mail straight to my in box if need be!