Appalling behavior in BF1 servers

Discussion in 'Battlefield 1' started by Capt_Trips_1978, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I dont know if its because of the new way BF1 is structured, but there is rampant purposeful TKing going on ALL the time. I mean all the time.

    And the amount of homophobic/racist talk is off the charts. I've been playing a lot the past week and this weekend and it really is nonstop.
  2. Welcome to a game that does not support admins.
  3. Yeah its really made me want to quit to be honest, one of the prime benefits of playing on rTr servers was the control the admins had. Now its just whatever everyone says goes. Just sucks and honestly takes the joy out of gaming when i'm tk'd 5 times in a row, clearly on purpose. Then have to read about Nig** this and F*G that. gets super fucking old.
  4. If its one dude and he just won't shut the fuck up, tell someone in your chain of command and we will take care of it. Have you tried that yet?
  5. No because for whatever reason my TS setup no longer works for chat, I submitted a PAF for it. My mic is currently not working.

    I'll start to make a list of people I see doing it, but to be honest, as I said its not just one, its at least 5-10 players a game. The other night, i believe Thursday, just become a TK fest.
  6. The appropriate way to take care of this if you don't have voice is to file an Incident Report with the person/persons name and a short sentence explaining what was said/done. We can't police the entire server due to the current limitations but we can take care of people that super douchebags.
  7. Totally, i'll start making lists for the camps immediately.. err i mean for the forms.
  8. if you get with one of the squad leads in the server as well and let us know we have another reporting system as well
  9. Will do, tonight wasn't so bad, but i got my mic working now and i'll help you guys police it, that shit just ruins it for everyone
  10. Be sure to get screen shot of these offenses