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  1. General Ark Q&A

    Who/What is rTr?

    “We are an ‘easy going’ bunch of men and women ranging from High School Graduates to Grandparents. Our membership covers professionals from a wide range of fields: Active and former Military, Supervisors, Law Enforcement, Technicians, Business Owners, Students and Free spirits. Since our founding, we have had members from every Continent except Antarctica, (but we're open). Our diversity is one of our great strengths.”

    Who run’s the rTr servers?

    Right To Rebel hosts the server using an dedicated hosting service. Donations from members and players like you help us host a wide variety of games.

    Where are your servers hosted?

    Our servers are hosted in Canada.

    How often do you wipe?

    This depends on a number of things - but our average wipe cycle tends to range anywhere between two to three months.

    Who are your Admins?

    AccordNoir and Ryuujinsama are the current Admins for the Ark rTr servers. If the information you get does not come from them directly, the forums or the yellow Admin text take it with a grain of salt. While a few of our very loyal following will know the answers to a lot of your questions the best place to get your information is from an admin, moderator, or our forums.

    What do we do if we suspect Admin abuse?

    If you suspect Admin abuse from any of our Admins please feel free to make a complaint :Here:
    [Note: You need to be logged in on the website to view this forum] The complaint will then be looked at by the =rTr= security division.

    How do I know my complaint won't just be ignored.

    Trust rTr takes all complaints seriously. We are a experienced gaming community and will not hesitate to look into any complaint made, big or small.

    Will I be kept informed if I make a complaint?

    No. Complaints are taken seriously and are dealt with privately.

    What are the Admin willing to help me with?

    The Admins are here to help protect you against abuse from players, and major game glitches [Subject to our discretion].

    I was banned - who can I speak with?

    You should Appeal Your Ban here. We do not discuss bans on our forums, Discord or ingame. You must submit a Ban Appeal.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.