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  1. ARK PvP Server Q&A

    Please check out our rules as well.

    How do i join the server?

    The IP for Aberration is
    The IP for The Island is
    You can also search for =rTr= in the server browser.

    What is the max level of Dinos/players?

    Max player level is 115. Max level for wild Dinos is 150

    What are the rates on the server?

    5X All

    Do you run any mods, if so what ones?

    The steam community page's can be found here,
    The Island

    Do your Admins play on the server?

    Yes - Our Admins play on our servers on their personal steam accounts.

    A player raided me, does this count as abuse?

    No. We are a pvp server. Please understand and expect that raids will happen, and they will happen to you. If you are raided, unless by unfair means that can be proven or are caught by the Admins, there is nothing the Admins can do for you.

    What if the Admin Tribe raids me?

    There is NO "Admin" tribe. Our admins that play, play on their personal accounts in their free time. They gain resources and gear the same way as everyone else. They are allowed to play the game as anyone else would.

    Can I raid the Admins?

    Yes. They own their own accounts. They are players just like everyone else. If you wish to raid them, you are free to do so.

    I fell under the world and lost all my items - Can the admins replace them?

    No, Sorry. Unfortunately we have no way of proving what items you may have lost.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.