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  1. *No Cheats/Exploits - Any player caught using any cheat/exploit will receive a warning, Any subsequent infractions will result in a ban.Using rafts, dinos, or any other means present or future to glitch ANYTHING through another person’s base is strictly forbidden.

    *No Racist/Sexist/Homophobic Remarks - First offense will result in a kick, the second a ban.

    *Be Respectful to Admins and Mods and the Server - If you have a problem with a mod/admin report it on the Forums using the File a Complaint Form.

    *No Impersonating another tribe - Naming your tribe the same as another tribe will result in your tribe leader and admins being kicked as a warning.

    *No Advertising Servers - Players advertising or recruiting for other servers will be banned without any warnings.

    *No Build Zones - Players Building in designated no-build zones will have their structures summarily demolished. No-build zones include all artifact caves where flying mounted dinos are disabled. Blocking any deep sea loot crate spawns IS FORBIDDEN.

    *No Pillar or Foundation Spamming - Pillar and foundation spamming is only allowed around your immediate base.

    *No Boxed Platforms/Dino's - Placing Structures around a Dino to encase the Dino is not allowed. Keep your buildings above the platform. Building ramps off the side of the platforms for farming is allowed, as long as the head of the dino is fully exposed. 1st Offense will Result in the Removal of the Dino, 2nd will Result in a Ban.

    *Prisoner's are to be held for no longer than 1 hour from being knocked out. Screenshots of server time of day will need to be provided by the captured to administer discipline.

    *Behavior that is inherently disruptive to the server will not be tolerated.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.