Ark: Survival Evolved Ideas for the server

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  1. As an Ark fan I love to have fun playing on a server populated. =rTr= Ark server has little to no trolls ever on it. I have some ideas that could help the server come back to its glory days when it was populated

    Mod #1 Bridge Mod:

    This would be super nice to have! When a player cant cross a open space in the forest it get super anoying because they have to go the long way witch could get them killed, and this mod fixes that problem. When a player sets down a bridge the player can now cross the open area and not rage quit do to being killed by a Trex or somthing.

    Mod # 2 Weapon Smith Mod:

    This mod bring weapons like the M4A1 or the AK-47 with some scopes like the RED DOT SIGHT and the ACOG SCOPE. So it bring some formality and some realism into the game.

    Mod # 3 Custom Skins - Cosmetic Camo Sets:

    This mod brings some camos like the Chocolate Chip camo from BF4 and some other ones that help the player blend in into the environment.

    I love the server and I love how each person can help make it better, and I think that these mods will bring back the player to the server.
  2. yes yes yes