Arma 3 Raffle!!!!! 4/3/17-5/1/17

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  1. Arma 3 KOTH Raffle!

    As a big thanks to the community and players that play on our server, we are going to have a good ol' fashioned raffle for some DLC and the base game itself!
    Please read the terms and rules of the raffle and be sure to attend next months meeting to hear who the winners are on May 1st.


    1. First place takes either the Arma 3 Apex DLC, Arma 3 bundle DLC, or Arma 3 base game. (Whichever they dont have).
    2. Second place will get to pick between helicopters or marksmen DLC. (Whichever they dont have).
    3. Third place will receive Karts DLC.
    4. Because of the terms and rules listed below everyone participating in the raffle will receive VIP slots in our KOTH server. (Not really a prize but more of a privilege for being a recruit or member)

    Terms and Rules!

    Member Requirements:
    • Members must post in this thread, expressing their interest in the raffle and which 1st Place Prize they want.
    • Only members that have posted in the drawing will be entered in the raffle.
    • All raffle submissions must be in before the start of the meeting on 5/1/17
    • If a member that does not own the game receives 2nd or 3rd place they may still keep the dlc or forfeit the DLC for a redraw.

    Non member requirements:
    • No donations or money required, it is welcomed though.
    • Non members may only enter the drawing as a recruit. This means they must be eligible to join RTR and must join to receive a raffle number.
    • New (Arma) recruits are automatically added to the drawing and may state which 1st place prize they want in this thread.
    • New recruits may be disqualified if they apply and are never heard or seen of after joining.
    • New recruits should be present at the 5/1/17 meeting to receive their prize. (You may request a proxy based on each case and activity in the server and Teamspeak.)

    Leadership disqualification.
    • Nulli172 and Operationurmom are disqualified from the raffles, as acting leadership and hosts of the raffle.
    • JCS members are disqualified from the raffle for integrity.

    The Drawing.
    Each member post will be assigned a number. Your number will correspond in line to your post. The drawing will be done by a RNG (Random Number Generator) at the meeting in real time.
    Members will meet after the meeting with Operationurmom to receive their prize or dictate what to do with their prize.
  2. Guess I'll be the first to post

    And I'd like DLC Bundle 2
  3. Second to post!!

    I'd like the Apex DLC.
  4. Im in for the new DLC.
  5. i'd be in for the Arma 3 Apex DLC.. cheers
  6. karts please
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I dont have any of it so whatever it takes to get me in the game and playing on our server is what i want. o_O oops had to work, too late????