ATTENTION:BF1 Platoon- Main server down

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  1. The main server is down till the EA/Dice's Dev team "repairs" it.
    Last night the server wasn't showing ranks so I contacted EA/Dice to restart it. After a very frustrating time talking to "Bob" he explained in what I assume was English that it would be "down for fifteen to an hour, if it is not working after an hour I should call them back."
    It wasn't, so I call again. This time I didn't even catch the name it was supposed to be. The long and short was a "rinse and repeat".
    The third time I was less then polite. It was then referred to what they call the "Dev team" . Translation, "It has been passed off to the smecky at the data-center to jiggle". Last time it took a week and a half.

    I have renewed the old server for a day and will do so till the main one is repaired.

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  2. Thanks for all of your continued support Sym, it's greatly appreciated!
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  3. This is four years old.