Awesome POTM rez! (aka "Why highlights are stupid")

Discussion in 'Overwatch' started by Gio, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. ...that, sadly, didn't do anything.

    Volskaya. Attacking point B. Both teams engage at the door.

    Enemy Pharah ults. Enemy Zarya ults. Enemy Soldier ults. My team dies in a pile in front of me, one escapes, so I get a 4-man rez. We push, but wipe.

    During the highlight, I expect to see Soldier's point-clearing ult that won us the match, or maybe the other team's Dva ult that stopped a capture.

    Nope. It was the stupid ass-rez that did absolutely bupkis. Don't get me wrong, I love getting plays of the game as Mercy, but if it was going to choose me, I had a clutch 3-man rez on defense that turned the fight around.

    "Ugh," I say on team chat. "What a worthless rez."
    "It was a four-man.." says one.
    "I thought it was good.." said another.

    "Sure it was a four-man, but it didn't help us *win*"

    Why, Blizzard!
  2. With Mercy's rework POTGs do feel more rewarding/deserved when you get one.
  3. Mercy is getting a Nerf however. More likely that they will get rid of the unlimited Ammo or a reduction in time for the new Ultimate.
  4. honestly 30 secs for 1 rez is waaaaaay too long. Her ult now is really bad. Letting her fly and healing multiple people who are close together ( like 5m i think, its really small) isnt much of an ult. Honestly its a worse transcendence.

    I never understood why people complained about her being too easy to play/hard to kill. The same could be said for lucio since you just need to "be around" your team to heal.