Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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  1. Spotlighting on =rTr= Playground Server by popular demand... Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So install or update your game. If you don't have the game, it is on g2a for under $10. So login to the =rTr= Playground for a free chance to kill Army126!

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  2. I has originally purchased BC2 on Steam and recently tried to reinstall and use it. Well not so fast!
    It seems that if you bought it like that it won't work now(or at least in my case), your CD key will come up as already in use. In my case I hadn't attached BC2 (and BF2 for that matter) to my Origins account. I called EA support and after providing my receipt (Steam has a copy of it) and a code from the email it was attached to and they attached it to my current Origins account. They even got my BF2 account moved.
    So rare for EA to have good customer support.o_O;)
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  3. So is this still happening?

    Perfect timing as the game just went on sale on Steam for $5 or you can grt the game plus thr Vietnam DLC for $7.49!

  4. ALL month
  5. What's the server name? I'm interested!
  6. Search for rTr

    If you dont find it, search for all servers, with no filters, and scroll down until you see it
  7. =rTr= Playground
  8. Still won't show up. Not sure what I'm doing wrong... I hate EA server browsers.
  9. Does it make a difference if I bought the game from Origin vs. Steam?