Community Game Night 3.10.18

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    Join us this Saturday night at 9PM EST as we take to Battlefield 4 for a Community Game Night featuring Gun Master and Infected/Zombie Mode! This event is open to all so we encourage you to invite your friends and gaming buddies from days past.

    9:00 - Gun Master Warm-Up
    9:30 - Gun Master Tournament Begins (3 Games)
    After the tournament concludes, we will all switch over to the Infected/Zombie Mode server. As people begin to leave for the night we will switch back over to the Gun Master server to close out the event.

    Gun Master Tournament
    The winners of the tournament will be the top 3 players with the highest total score respectively. Score is calculated by total cumulative points earned over three games. Points are given based on the following criteria:

    1st Place = 12 Points
    2nd Place = 11 Points
    3rd Place = 10 Points
    4th Place = 9 Points
    5th Place = 8 Points
    6th Place = 7 Points
    7th Place = 6 Points
    8th Place = 5 Points
    9th Place = 4 Points
    10th Place = 3 Points
    11th Place = 2 Points
    12th Place = 1 Point
    13th and Down = 0 Points​

    Example: Army126 placed 32nd in the first round, 32nd in the second round, and 32nd in the last round for a final score of 0 points.

    1st Place:
    $100 Steam Gift Card

    2nd Place:
    $50 Steam Gift Card

    3rd Place:
    $25 Steam Gift Card

    Only players in Discord are eligible to win. Get with DrTeaMac after the event concludes to claim your prize!

    New to Infected/Zombie Mode?
    Check out THIS VIDEO by RussianBadger to learn how it's played.

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  2. Thank you to everyone who participated in tonight's event! Please join me in congratulating the winners of the Gun Master Tournament!

    1st Place
    Antivanity - 35 Points

    2nd Place
    Big_Forte - 34 Points

    3rd Place
    Praetorzic - 16 Points​
  3. So pissed i missed this....
  4. I'm pretty sure this makes us 3 professional gamers now.
  5. I'm ready for the Esports tournament floor Praetorzic. Let's make a 3 man squad and get some medals!

    And money, lots of money.

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  7. Stupid morons like you dont listen,so let me give your clan boss a shout out and tell em how big a P.O.S. you really are....good luck.....o7
  8. Oh shit! I didn't realize that my dad had an account on here. Good to hear from you too XOXO
  9. Your dad lives in france?