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  1. Pack Problems
    Problems arise during any play through of modded MineCraft. This thread will help you to resolve those issues and get in touch with those who are best suited to fix your problems.

    We here in the rTr MineCraft server use our Github to keep track of issues that arise. You may feel free to post any problems you have with the pack EXCLUDING DUPES. This includes recipe clashes, crash reports, etc. If its not a dupe and its affecting gameplay, put it on the Github. Our Admins & Mods are notified each time an issue is placed so someone will be able to fix the problem ASAP. If you do crash make sure to include your crash log with the help of This keeps it much easier to read and speeds up the Admins abilities to help you.

    Contacting an Admin

    If your problem requires an Admin's attention, is a Dupe bug, or you simply have a problem that needs higher attention there is a simple way to go about getting help.
    First contact a Moderator. Our moderators are very knowledgeable and able to help with most all issues you will have. Our current mods are as follows:



    If our mods are unable to help you with the problem they will refer you to our admins. We currently have three admins and they are as follows.



    Usually one of our admins are on each day if not more. If your problem has been referred to them they will fix the issue no matter what it is. The Admins decision is final and can only be overturned by a consensus of all the Admins.

    Current Pack Issues
    here we will list current issues with our pack. DO NOT replicate these actions as anyone found to be doing so will be subject to punishment up to and including a ban from the server.

    No Issues at this Time.
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