Corsair H115i PRO.

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  1. Bought this cooler after it got good reviews from youtubers. Wanted to the NZXT X62 but the reviews were atrocious(on Newegg, talk of pumps dying after 6 months and RMA taking 1+ month). The fans that came on this are really good, ML fans from Corsair are pretty awesome and quite expensive on their own.


    The case is an NZXT S340, it only allows push or pull configuration, not enough room for push/pull together. Tight fit but it works well.

    Many of the reviewer's complained about the excess amount of wiring on the cooler, it wasn't so bad and very easy to conceal.


    Install took about 30 mins. Here it is all packaged up.


    Played some PUBG, temps were quite amazing. This is my first time using a 280mm radiator and I'm quite surprised by the performance considering how quiet it is.


    I'm waiting for Intel to drop the new chips before I move on to a K chip. Also might look at AMD if Ryzen 2 can muster up 4.5ghz on their mainstream shit.

    Damn good cooler. It was a bit pricey($140) but its super silent, has the newer pump in it and the fans are awesome. This puts out just as much cooling performance as the H100i V2 but at a much quieter pace.
  2. Yep those big fans are great if you have the space, I know my computer has 4 280mm and its pretty quite
  3. Any updates...?
    I have a rad that is about 4 years old... seeing temps increase a bit even after cleaning... thinking it may be worth picking up.
  4. Yes, the original CPU temp pictures are from a non-k CPU. So no OC's. I have since upgraded to an i7-8700k. It is not delidded and it sticks around 75 degrees at 100% load @5.0ghz. Damn good temp considering how hot these chips get.

    Even when set at "performance" mode, its still very quiet. I praised the fans but I wonder if the radiator would perform better with better static pressure fans than whats provided.
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