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  1. Deiselfuel and I are looking for more individuals who are interested in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, from both within the community and from public players. We strictly play Competitive matches. We are looking for several ranked individuals who are interested in playing most weeknights and on the weekends. Our goal is to promote the game within the community and to try and bring in new individuals from the game into our discord. Discord will serve as our primary communication tool, we will rarely use voip in game. Anyone who is interested please talk with either Deiselfuel or I. Basic map, strategy, and acronym knowledge will be expected.
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  2. Also if you are close to getting ranked and need help with wins we can provide with the help on that too. I know holt and foo are trying to rank for real. So let us know! Or you could also play with them :)
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  3. Me. I'm totally down to squad up and wreck shop, brah!!
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  5. Regressing near the full circle.

    CS: Source > CS:GO > BF4 > BF1 >< PUBG > BF4 > CS:GO > ???
  6. If you don't play CSGO we are not asking you to come play. This is a post for people that are active CSGO players.

    It is not a game bashing post but a post to influence members and non members to participate and potentially bring in new recruits.
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  9. Please refrain from posting negative posts about our own gaming endeavors. We are all in this as a team and bashing anyones games will not be tolerated.

    Thank you.
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