Dell poweredge server 1900

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  1. OBO or just a way to get rid of the thing
  2. tree fiddy
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  3. Like as in 350 us dollars or tree fiddy joke dollars I've been outta work for a while thanks to my back and I'm going into the poor house if 350 us dollars is an offer I accept
  4. Specs of said poor house machine..
  5. All I know is it has a duel Xeon processor and ran windows small business with 12 or 16 gb of ram I can check on the ram part
  6. Is the machine still working and can you plug it in atm?

    If so I'd suggest Downloading CPU-Z (it's free) and loading it on the machine, Take screenshots of each of the Tabs and post them here. hope this is helpful.
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  7. What that guy said
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  8. bump for cpuz specs
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  9. If it's not a 1950, it's probably not worth 350. If it is a 1950, it needs 32-64 GB and decent hard drives or you can beat it buying used online. I bought a HP 1U with dual Xeons and 64GB RAM. Example:
  10. Just post one of these..


    That way people know what there getting..