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  1. So, I turned my desktop computer off. Left for a day and a half, came back, turned it on, and it says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key".

    I have no idea why it's doing this. I've went into the boot/bios area and selected both hard drives to boot from (only 2 hard drives) and neither works... I don't know what to do. Anyone got anything?
  2. I tried to put in the Windows CD and boot from it, didn't work.

    Tried to re-install Windows, it said that the partition is already set for another operating system or some shit. I can't re-install Windows.

    What. The. Fuck?

    I can't even do a clean re-install. I'm going to lose everything, but I don't know what else to do. But, I can't even do that for some reason.
  3. What motherboard do you have?
  4. After some googling, I found that it could be boot order or dead drive.

    Also, when you're in your BIOS, check to see if there is such a thing called CSM(compatibility support module). If you have that, turn it on. Try again. My newest build wouldn't recognize my boot drive until I turned that on.
  5. really odd to have this issue suddenly if it worked the day before. bad sign, but you can run through some troubleshooting to figure out what's borked;

    i'd hard-reset the bios (unplug power, pull the cmos battery, wait 10sec, use somethin metal to jump the cmos pickups for 30sec, then plop in a new cmos battery). unplug all drives but the OS one in the 1st SATA port SATA, then try to boot. if nothing, check the bios is set to read the boot drive 1st (or 2nd, after the DVD drive). if still nothin, change your boot drive to the last SATA port.

    if you still can't get it to load from the current Win installation, load Partition Magic to a bootable (CD/DVD/USB) from a different/working PC. hook up a HDD/SSD in your system that you don't mind wiping, boot into Partition Magic, delete partitions, remake/name a Primary one, apply the changes & exit. if your system refuses to read/write to that HDD/SSD, move your SATA cable to the last port again. still nothin?... try the same thing with a different HDD/SSD. once it seems to be recognizing both the DVD/USB drive that you have Win bootable on, & your HDD/SSD, try again to load Win to that newly created partition.

    remember to unplug the system each/every time before moving/removing any cables, & stay grounded with the case (no beer runs in your fuzzy slippers).

    if you aren't having a bios conflict, the drives all work on a different system, & you've swapped cables/ports around, yet still can't boot into or even load Win... last resort would be to flash the Bios (updated ver, utility, & directions on website ...put em on a bootable USB). if all this doesn't work out, then i'd say the mobo is likely borked. :/
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  6. Check CMOS, Make sure the boot drive is listed as a device. If not, remove cable and reconnect it. If its a M2, remove and replace. I have this issue from time to time on my sons pc. Most of the time it is in the CMOS listed as a device, just not the first boot device.
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  7. It's a Gigabyte motherboard.

    Took it apart today. Unplugged GFX card, hard drives, heat sink, processor, put it all back together after dusting everything off and still same problem.

    Tomorrow I may try to unplug the main hard drive and use my secondary to try to load windows on it and see if it's just a faulty hard drive. If not, it's probably the motherboard like you guys said. It's just weird. It's never given me any problems.
  8. I also didn't install or uninstall anything silly or critical or anything. I just shit it down for a day and a half, came back, and it went kaput.
  9. 1. take time to write step-by-step instructions anyone could easily follow.
    2. someone else posts abbreviated version of what you detailed.
    3. that person's post gets upvoted/liked/responded-to, yours does not.
    4. ask yourself why you ever fuckin bother.
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  10. Fuck it.

    Delete thread, please.
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