Destiny 2

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Beechcb, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. For anyone that hasn't seen or heard Destiny 2 just got moved to steam form battle net. The base game is now free and I would like to encourage anyone that thinks they may want to get into it to at least try it out. That being said if you had already started playing at one point on battle net you can transfer your profile on Bungiees website and continue from where you were, so no worries about losing anything. I know a few people have expressed a want to play.

    I know my personal preference is to play Destiny with others because it makes it feel a little less grindy. so I am going to put my steam profile link in below if anyone want to hop on and play some games at some point
  2. Im in, im around light level 780 so im still low. but its a fun game and a nice looter shooter.
  3. Hey for anyone looking to level up quickly ive found the Gates on the moon are great. they look like a lightning storm in the air and always spawn a gate lord, if you kill them quick enough it turns into an elite random event. Ive always gotta a purple from these. @AccordNoir @Beechcb
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